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Preou Community Support Mission Statement


With the company based and home ties in Havering, it is without doubt our family business understands the need and importance of support in the local community.

With the consequences of global warming and climate change, we believe that local business has a key role to play in helping to preserve and understand the impact our industries have on the environment. We knew we could help make a difference.

“A.C. Preou Limited were to be an integral part of this”.

Christmas Jumper Day

We at A.C. Preou will be supporting the Save the Children Charity by wearing our Christmas jumpers to work in December. Last year we enjoyed raising funds with games and activities. We are proud to support this charity and do our best to raise as much money as we can every year as well as having fun in the process.


london bridge challenge
london bridge challenge

Macmillan Coffee Morning

On Friday 28th September, we joined the “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning” in support of Macmillan Cancer Support.

We all brought lots of cakes to work, some were home baked! Everyone enjoyed eating the cakes and raising some money to support the amazing work that Macmillan do by taking part in the games and activities that were highlighted in the Macmillan starter pack we received.


london bridge challenge
london bridge challenge

Safaricom Marathon 2018

Julia and Daniel completed Kenya’s Safaricom Marathon held within the undulating hills of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Daniel said it was most certainly the toughest challenge we have taken on yet. Running on 13 miles of undulating dirt track which incidentally you couldn’t take your eyes off, in temperatures and altitudes that would make the toughest marathon runner shiver, tested us to our limits.

A few days before the race, we arrived in Lewa to acclimatise to temperatures pushing 30C and a lung-bursting altitude of over 5500ft. During this time we visited some of the projects that Tusk support, this was so inspiring the time we spent with the schools, children, wildlife and their wardens made our forthcoming task so much easier.

Younger and fitter the boys left Julia so Farris a Safaricom employee kept Julia company for the 13-mile trek, Julia said; “It was a real pleasure to meet Farris, a kind, gentle man who had run in the marathon over 5 times keen to raise as much money and awareness of the need for conservation and education to go hand in hand. We pushed each other along the whole course, particularly up those impressive hills, we slowly jogged the last few miles as Farris had damaged his hamstring, and there was no way I was leaving him behind, we came through the finish line very proudly, together. Lovely people, an amazing event.”

Our many thanks to the Lewa wardens who ensured we had safe passage and to the many volunteers who ensured drinking water, bananas and water sponges were on hand to keep us cooled and fuelled.

The marathon is in its 19th year has created something extremely unique in Kenya, linking wildlife and the local communities, entwining the legacy of conservation for now and future generations. With your help, we raised just over £4500 to this wonderful cause.

But please don’t stop there, please continue supporting Tusk. www.tusk.org New Generation Conservationists: Students of AIPCA Subuiga Primary School.


london bridge challenge

Prudential Ride London Surrey 100 mile Bike Ride

On the 29th of July, we will be present in Green Park raising awareness for Saving the Survivors. Saving the Survivors are a non-governmental and ‘not-for-profit’ organisation, who provide a meaningful partner to complement existing veterinary services and conservation programs to further the conservation of endangered species. Particularly specialising in the treatment and rehabilitation of rhino’s which have had horn removed by poachers.

Saving the Survivors believe education programs for children all over the world will help ensure the welfare and habitats are preserved for the rhinos and all endangered species. Based in London Laurian McLaren has conducted many talks in schools www.savingthesurvivors.org/#education giving a fun and educational insight into these amazing creatures, you will find Hope’s story to recovery and educational worksheets for school children of ages up to 16 on their website www.savingthesurvivors.org


london bridge challenge

Friends of Raphael and Lodge Farm Park

Percy & Friends Picnic Spot

Nick Butterworth, a friend of the Friends of Raphael & Lodge Farm Parks, very kindly donated 3D drawings for our carvers to create our statue of Percy with his Wheelbarrow, bringing his book ‘The Secret Garden’ to life.

Nick and his lovely wife Annette joined us in the park on many occasions to help us promote our beautiful park, and officially opened the picnic spot in September 2013.

The Picnic spot continues to be well used, and we are delighted to say on the first Friday of every month at 11 am our current Park Manager Taylor, hosts a book and activity club focused on Percy the Park Keeper. Why not join Taylor, you can just turn up or to book a place please contact Taylor email: taylor.smyth-richards@havering.gov.uk or call him on 079767 38581.


london bridge challenge

British Heart Foundation – London to Brighton 54 mile Bike Ride

Affected directly or indirectly as most of us are by heart disease, vital research carried out by the British Heart Foundation is key to beating this disease and a well worthy cause to jump on our bikes for. Heart disease comes in many forms. Having witnessed family and friends who have either suffered the disabilities by stroke or very sadly death by heart attack, I completely understand the anguish suffered by all. I hope my taking part in this fun ride will help reduce the fatalities and disabilities caused by heart disease. Julia takes part in the ride on Sunday 17th June 2017.


london bridge challenge

London Jobs Fair (East)

Chris Sullivan and Daniel Herold provide a valuable insight into Preou at the London Jobs Fair (East).

Organised by 3D Change, a registered social enterprise, the fundamental aim of the event is to encourage local employment for local people. The day brings public sectors, housing authorities, businesses and job seekers together.

During the event, we made valuable contacts with public sector procurers and local people looking for employment within the HVAC industry.

It is not often we get such a chance to promote ourselves. Despite the snow outside, we had a busy day sharing our 57 years of experience and promoting the amazing opportunities within our industry. Our thanks to 3D for including us.


london bridge challenge

Daniel Herold’s Graduation

A very proud day for Daniel and a very special day for us too, we have supported Daniel throughout his formal training and apprenticeship, he started with us at the age of 16 having just left school not knowing where or what his future was to hold. He’s come a long way from the cheeky teenager on site; to the contracts manager he is today. Well done Daniel the many hours of study and practical training have paid off. We wish you a very ‘Warm Welcome to the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Industry’.


london bridge challenge

London Bridges Challenge 2016


I enjoy walking, I like seeing the landmarks in London and my family has been affected by Diabetes – so the London Bridges Challenge sponsored walk looked good to me. I knew the 10 mile route would be a challenge, and I felt it afterwards, and the day after, and the day after that… The day was well organised by Diabetes UK, the weather was kind to us, and the team Preou kept us on target. We even managed to snap poses on each bridge. Chris

Great Day was had by the 4 of us, not only did we enjoy raising the money, walking the walk, we had a lot of fun making up bridge-poses, they’re worth a look at, the Olympians is my favourite! Independently we’ve raised £360 so far, if you’d like to support Diabetes UK please check out our justgiving page www.justgiving.com/team-preou-LBC2016, enjoy the photos, Julia


london bridge challenge

Prudential 100 Ride
London-Surrey 2016

Daniel rose to the challenge again this year, this time taking on the Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100.
This amazing race starts from The London Olympic park through and out of London to the Surrey hill, then back to London. The course is a real 100 mile challenge with a time trial of completion in no more than 8.5 hours. Daniel smashed this, in just 6 hours with an hour stop!
Well done to Daniel raising £800.00 for the Tusk trust who we are great supporters.

Prudential 100 Ride
London-Surrey 2015

Julia had a call from Tusk asking if she would help raise money and awareness for them, www.tusk.org. ACPreou have always supported environment awareness and the natural world and we were happy to support too. ” Thanks to ACPreou I took on the challenge not knowing what it was to entail but happy to support Tusk as much as I can, the first hurdle; I need a bike, second hurdle learning to change a tyre, third hurdle riding with cleats! Can’t tell you how many times I fell with the bike! Finally the final hurdle the Surrey hills, the ride and time trial 100 miles in less 8.5hrs! Many hours of training ensued. With a finish time of 7.5 hours” A fantastic personal achievement as I have never ridden more than ten miles!” Julia raised over £1300 for the Tusk trust who we are great supporters. www.tusk.org


prudential charity ride

Bear Grylls Race for Rhino Survival

October 5th, 2015: Our champion challenger Daniel Herold has surpassed himself yet again.

Daniel joined the Bear Grylls 10k Survival Race, to raise funds towards charities to save Rhinos. We have links with Saving the Survivors and have been supporters of Tusk since 2004, and all monies raised by Daniel will contribute towards ensuring the longivity of these amazing creatures.

This tough race is designed to test and develop your tenacity and adventure spirit, requiring both physicality and courage. There were at least 35 obstacles to challenge racers along the course. Racers needed to be able to complete lifts, carries, water obstacles and variety of medium and difficult obstacles.

Daniel said “No problem”. He went on to raise over £150 for this very worthy cause.

“Julia says” We all understand the benefits of ensuring a safe and clean environment and of its importance to our children’s development, ensuring they learn to appreciate nature and the natural world and understand the role they can play in preserving our planet will become the building block for a cleaner, healthier planet.

November 2004 Julia Herold created a Wish List for her children’s favourite park, and invited all local residents to attend the first meeting of what was to become a strong and committed Friends Group.

The support and sponsorship that A.C.Preou Limited provides, enables the Friends of Raphael & Lodge Farm Parks to;


  • promote the importance of the parks and their natural environment and eco-systems.
  • ensure the parks facilities remain in tact for the whole community.
  • promote the park by organising the a free annual Summer Event. Our office staff happily volunteer their
    time to help out during the run up to, and on the day.
  • be part of the project management team which secured in 2011 funding of £2.5 million to refurbish and
    regenerate Raphael Park.
  • liaison between the community and local authority (meetings during working hours).
  • provide a meeting room, office machinery facilities, stationery and company vehicles.

“We have a long term commitment to helping, supporting and being part of The Friends of Raphael & Lodge Farm Parks.”
Arthur Preou, Director.

We thank you for taking the time to read our mission and would urge you to support the Friends of Raphael & Lodge Farm Park by visiting their website and becoming a Friend.

“Preou, helping Havering be a better place”

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