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Barley Lane School

Outline of works: Gas fired boiler plant refurbishment.
Replacement of three inefficient cast iron sectional boilers with two condensing gas fired boilers.


To enable these works, the water heater, flues, pumps and pipework were replaced, along with a new BMS controls system. We extended the existing hot water services to the outlets in the kitchen, and existing gas supply to the new Broag Remeha boiler plant and A.O.Smith water heater.

Other pipework modifications were necessary for the system to correctly feed into the new plant room services, connecting to the new gas, mains water services and the low temperature hot water heating system.

As this project was taking place during term time and in a high volume residential area, a great deal of care was taken to ensure as little or no inconvenience was suffered by the school pupils and local residents. Particular attention was paid to ensuring noise levels were kept to a minimum and works completed on programme.