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Heating and Ventilation

 The goal of heating and ventilation is to provide an acceptable level of thermal comfort to the occupants of buildings. As a HVAC contractor, heating & ventilation make up our most important duties.


Temperature is regulated throughout the building through the use of hot water boilers connected to radiant panels via pipework. Correct placement of radiators is essential to provide an even distribution of heat displacement into the occupied rooms. Warm air systems can also be used to distribute heated air through ductwork systems, with many systems using the same ducts to distribute cooled air via an evaporation coil for air conditioning.

Ventilation aims to control the indoor air quality by introducing outside air into the buildings. Natural ventilation can be used to passively direct outside air by employing the use of louvers and relying on air pressure and diffusion to control the flow. However natural ventilation may not always prove to be enough, as environmental conditions can be unpredictable. This is where the use of fans can help to drive outside airflow into a building, supplementing the natural ventilation and providing appropriate air quality all year round.