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Project: Viridian Housing Care Homes, Greenford, West London
Client: Viridian

Outline of works; Air Conditioning Installation.


Viridian Housing provides social housing to over 30,000 customers across London, the South East, the Midlands and West Sussex. They work closely with local authorities to create safe, sustainable communities.

Viridian Housing chose A.C. Preou as the main contractor to install suitable air conditioning to the medicine rooms in 3 care homes where ventilation is required to keep the resident’s medicine at specific temperatures.

All of the cooling equipment was carefully chosen, working with our manufacturers – Daikin, to ensure that the needs of the separate medical stores were taken into consideration. A bespoke solution was achieved for each one. In each case, an indoor and outdoor air conditioning unit was installed along with suitable controllers and unobtrusive refrigerant pipework.

The client was more than happy with our workmanship in these sensitive environments.