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St. Pancras Chambers

Outline of works; Modernisation of the three turreted upper floors of the central main building.

We were delighted to be chosen by Firmco limited to carry out the mechanical services modernisation of the most prestigious dwelling on site, The Penthouse Suite. The works included dismantling and reassembling a twin pumped water booster, in order to move it into the plant room, piece by piece. We also had the cold water storage tanks constructed in two sections each, just to get them in place, even the drip tray was sectional.

The building was Grade 1 Listed and every part of the works had to comply with the Listed Buildings Act, this meant we were not allowed to use heat for pipe jointing or use any tools that generate sparks. We met this challenge by installing the plumbing pipework with Polypipe Pressfit fittings. On top of this, a complete leak detection system was installed by our Specialist. Should a leak ever be detected, the building owner would be shown the exact location of the leak via an alarm panel.