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Stroud Green School

Client: London Borough of Haringey Value: £160,000
Dates: Works commenced and completed in 2015


A.C. Preou successfully completed the Gas Fired Boiler Plant Refurbishment at Stroud Green School whilst the school was still occupied. The scheme also included the replacement of the basement boiler plant.

We were appointed as the Principal Contractor and we successfully carried out the works in compliance with the current CDM regulations. The existing system of pipework and radiators in the school suffered from poor circulation, however it would have been too disruptive and expensive to replace the complete school system. To avoid damage to the new Hamworthy Wessex Gas Fired High Efficiency Boilers, we created a new design that opted for a system of separation for primary and secondary circuits via a Stokvis plate heater exchanger. New Pumps, Magnaclean magnetic filtration units and modern BMS controls were also installed. The old flue was also abandoned and a new flue with cast in situ flue liner system was installed.

To minimise any disruption to the operation of the school, teachers and pupils, the works were carried out over the school summer shut down period. The school was occupied and so arrangements were made to segregate the works from the staff and pupils. This also allowed us to ensure that the safety of the school environment was maintained and kept clean. Heras fencing barriers were installed and we marked out access routes from our site compound to the works in the basement.

All larger deliveries were scheduled with the Site Supervisor to arrive whilst the pupils were not on site. Small deliveries were also pre-planned and the delivery vehicles announced their pending arrival by contacting a dedicated site team member via a mobile telephone. Our site staff then took the delivery and stored it in our secure site compound facilities. A covered skip was held in our site compound so that waste generated could be removed for recycling. Once full, the skip was changed over in the early morning before pupils arrived.