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Mile End Hospital

Outline of works; Remedial works to water services.

The specified works at Mile End Hospital originally called for the replacement of the existing hot water service distribution pipework, within blocks 7 & 8, with new copper pipe. This comprised of isolating and draining down the existing systems to allow the strip out of pipework in a hospital that was fully occupied at all times. We had to take extra care to not disturb any occupants of the building during the course of the work.

However the contract soon expanded and we were tasked with supplying and installing a completely separate hot water generation system in Block 7. We then also received an order to design, supply and install a temporary hot & cold water supply system in the first floor of Block 8, with later additional amendments to remove Block 8’s old heating circulating system and install an entirely new cold water system. Despite the changes to the original specification, Mr Steve Royce Head of Statuary Compliance for the hospital, congratulated our excellent performance and was delighted with the high standards of workmanship.