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Project: St Botolph without Bishopsgate Church, London

St Botolph without Bishopsgate Church sought our advice on a solution to the churches failing heating system. Our expertise in providing solutions to antiquated heating systems was put to good use in this 12th-century church.

It was an honour to be appointed to work in this historical Christian place of worship. Since 1212 the church has been a place of refuge and tranquillity. St.Botolph’s burial grounds were the first of the cities to be converted to a public garden as seen here.
Now nestled between the skyscrapers of the City of London’s financial centre, it still provides this invaluable facility, a direct contrast to the hubbub of the City of London.

We suggested new condensing boilers, enabling an even, slow, comforting heat, throughout the whole church. The boilers would provide a first-rate modern energy efficient heating system. In addition, we recommended a magnetic dirt strainer, which would continue to clean the water, prolonging the system’s longevity.

Works soon commenced, we carried out the chemical flushing and cleansing of the heating system before the new plant work connections. Whilst the system was drained, we fitted new thermostatic valves to all the cast iron radiators. This would help the building users manage the heat throughout the building. Whilst removing the existing plant, we helped the church clear the clutter that had accumulated in the basement boiler room. We supplied two fully automatic Broag Eco 110 gas-fired condensing boilers, with motorised flue dampers and condense drains. Along with the boilers, we fitted the high-efficiency circulation pump, magnetic dirt strainer, and an easy treat dosing pot. All for ease of use by our client. We fitted new ventilation grilles in the boiler room doors, colour matched to blend in with the paintwork. A little finishing touch that shows our attention to detail, and helps keep the integrity of this beautiful building.