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Project: Hackney Pirates Centre, London


Hackney Pirates is an enterprising charity working to develop the literacy, confidence and perseverance of young people in Hackney so that they achieve both in school and in the world beyond.


We completed the following works:

– Installed a new Heat Recovery Ventilation system in Basement Are
– Installed Daikin VAM800 heat recovery units


London Borough of Hackney wanted to improve the air flow and ventilation throughout the premises.

We carried out a survey which identified that the new ventilation routes would be obstructed by structural beams. This meant that an extended ducting run was needed causing additional air flow restriction. To optimise the heat recovery ventilation,
we proposed an increase in the size of the ventilation units to compensate for the increased ducting run.

We installed Daikin VAM800 heat recovery units to manage the ventilation at the front of the building, and an additional VAM1000 in the location of the original unit. We also re-arranged the ducting run to further improve the air flow.

London Borough of Hackney was so pleased with the ventilation solution that they invited us to provide proposals for the installation of two comfort cooling units in the basement area. These units were ceiling mounted slim line Fujitsu 7.1Kw complete with controllers and matching external inverter driven condensers.