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Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Hertfordshire
Boiler enabling Works


A Leisure Centre with gym facilities, squash courts and an indoor bowls hall. Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre opened in 1976, housing the town’s theatre.


A.C. Preou carried out work to facilitate a future temporary boiler plant.

We pre-fabricated 200mm diameter steel pipework, to connect the existing flow and return heating headers to each other to create a low loss header. Heavy duty brackets were installed to support the high-level pipework. We supplied and installed new 200mm isolation and commissioning valves. A 15m long flexible gas hose and a 415v power supply with commando socket outlet were supplied for the future plant.

On completion, the installation was thermally insulated, and all circuits commissioned. System inhibitor levels were checked and certified.

The important consideration of this project was to ensure the hot water and heating was maintained in the building at all times. To achieve this, our team planned major shutdowns to be carried out at night. The works were phased to suit the client’s requirements. Aluminium bifolds were also installed. The project was completed to the client’s satisfaction, on time and within their budget.