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Harrow Civic Centre – Harrow Council

We are the principal contractors for this contract which is the replacement of a large air cooled chiller supplying chilled water to the Civic Offices air conditioning system.


The system was designed by the client’s consultants, Ingleton Wood, and our contract value is £185k. The works involve the dismantling of the old plant into small parts, and their subsequent safe removal. The new chiller was 300Kw duty and weighted about 5 tons. The weight and physical size needed to be carefully considered. We dismantled part of the plant room front wall to allow the unit to be passed into the plant room, and employed a specialist heavy plant handling sub-contractor to move the chiller and hoist up to its final location.

The plant room pipework was modified with new pumps fitted to suit the new system. Alterations were carried out to the air intake system, special acoustic louvers were designed and fitted to replace the front of the plant room housing the chiller, this suppressed noise breakout to a whisper. Finally, a new controls system was also installed with BMS links to allow remote control of the complete chillier plant. This project was completed in April 2005 for a total of £180,000.