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Hillman Street Annex, Hackney, London E8

The London Borough of Hackney’s Hillman Street council building needed modification to its existing heating plant and ventilation systems. A.C. Preou was appointed principal contractor to carry out the aforementioned works.


The building comprises of 5 stories, with the main plant located at roof level. First, the redundant heating plant had to be dismantled and removed from the rooftop plant room. This included the existing boilers and pumps.

Three brand new wall-mounted condensing boilers could then be installed, along with all associated pumps: Primary boiler pumps, VT secondary pumps and chilled water pumps.

The underfloor ventilation distribution system also needed modifying, with new floor grilles and diffusers being installed along with back plenums and flexible connections to clear existing work areas and desks. All this had to be completed at night and weekends, as the offices were occupied 9-5.

Once this was completed a full recommissioning took place on the entire heating, cooling and ventilation systems with the BMS controls.