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Hazelbury Primary School
Client: Enfield Council


A.C. Preou successfully completed the design, modification and installation of two identical heating plant rooms for Hazelbury Primary School. These works included the removal of asbestos l.


We installed a new Trend Control System for the close control and monitoring of the heating system. Trend systems are able to minimise energy consumption and maintain consistently comfortable conditions as well as bringing other key benefits to Hazelbury Primary School such as lower plant maintenance costs.

This was a fast track project where A C Preou successfully planned and achieved the target completion date. Our team worked to a very tight schedule as this project was carried out during the school term time whilst the facility was occupied with staff and pupils.

All works were planned to avoid busy times such as school drop off and collection times, break, playtimes and lunches to minimise any disruption for the staff and pupils, also keeping a safer environment at all times for the children to be around.

We established an excellent working relationship with the Premises Manager of Hazelbury Primary School through daily communication and regular meetings. The works affected the entire school and therefore each element of work was planned and agreed with the Premises Manager in advance to ensure that the efficient flow of work could be maintained and ultimately, the fast track programme achieved.

We ensured that disruption was kept to a minimum. Noise was always kept to a minimum and we endeavoured to schedule any exceptionally noisy aspects of the project to out of school hours.

A.C. Preou understands the importance of security when working within sensitive areas such as schools. To support the safety and security of students, we employ rigorous audits of all the personnel and ensure that all directly employed staff are DBS checked. We take the management of Health and Safety of employees, sub-contractors, teaching staff, students and visitors extremely seriously and we are proud of the outstanding record that we have attained.