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Exor is an established Accreditation Body providing Supplier and Contractor Accreditation Services for Public Sector Authorities (PSAs) clients, as well as Central Government and other public organisations.


Exor provides a world class capability across all categories of public spending and all types of supplier, from Sole Traders through to FTSE 100 Companies.

Many of Exor’s clients are now using our Supplier Accreditation Service as a fundamental component of their procurement strategies in order to achieve Best Value Audit goals, assist in Urban Regeneration, support Inward Investment schemes and lay the foundations for 2005 e-Government initiatives such as the NePP project.

Developing and maintaining categorised lists of approved suppliers historically absorbed significant amounts of staff time and effort. Exor’s service frees authority staff to focus on the core Procurement issues after removing the pre-qualification component of supplier selection. Exor is able to perform these functions efficiently and expeditiously thanks to a combination of technology, processes and focus.

For more information on Exor please visit www.exorms.co.uk or call 029 2002 9502.


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